Mayoral Runoff Live Radio Forum and Countdown

Two candidates have advanced to a historic runoff for the mayoral race in Dumas. The leader in the November 26, 2018 contest, Flora Simon, and the current mayor, Johnny Brigham are heading into the final stretch for the December 4, Runoff.

On Monday, December 3, City P.R.I.D.E.—Positive Results in Dumas-Everyday, in association with  and The College of Aspiring Artists are hosting a live radio forum to hear final comments from the candidates and to hear questions and comments from the community.

The forum will air from 9am—10am on Persons can also download the Joynet app to listen on their smart devices if desired. Parts of the forum will also be streamed via Facebook Live.

The format is designed to include a variety of ways for persons to participate; live calls, social media questions will be captured as well as questions and comments will be retrieved from the To call live during the radio show, persons can call, 855.525.5683.

If persons are not able to call live during the show and desire to comment, they can call for possible pre- recorded inclusion at 501.683.8555 between 7am and 8:30am on Monday, December 3rd.

“This is our final forum opportunity to hear from the candidates and voices from the community via our efforts to connect more people into the total process. It takes multiple channels to get multiple parties included in the process. Our City PRIDE networks connects with all mediums to allow us to bring this technology and our local media together, to and from Dumas to get positive results like these and more,” stated Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr. Organizer and Program Producer.

To hear more on the forum and how to stay connected person may visit